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Pickleball: Courts
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Pickleball: Courts
New or refurbished

The Mor Sports Group is a family owned US company that provides professional construction and management of all sports & facility construction projects. Our in house experienced craftsmen deliver the project from planning stages right up to the finishing touches. This level of quality and care is the reason The Mor Sports Group is the market leader in the construction of Pickleball courts. As a result, in 2016 was awarded the prestigious title “Official Court Builder of the US Open Pickleball Championship”
The Mor Sports Group is a fully licensed and insured as a statewide CBC ‘Certified Building Contractor’
License number – CBC1263668

Mor-Sports Group   239 292-3102
  16120 Lee Road, Suite 150 Fort Myers FL, 33912 #KUBE.22059 Exp 04-30
    Website Link:
    Email:   Ref:   dmn:marilyn monroe  
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