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Considering the printed newspaper product, usually half of it was advertising, a special form of news. It can be done in a similar fashion with an Internet online version and overcome advantages radio and television used to split advertising budgets over the last decades.

Don Nixon used to encourage each employee to meet two people each day. Names (and pictures) in the news were the meat and potatoes for readers and subscribers.

Providing local, reliable package of local social and business news can be accomplished but in a different form but the underlying platform is people, high school activities or local church bazaars.

You will notice this message has an audio/video link, printed words displayed photographs. All of neighborhood interests. And easy access to local businesses.

Click on the website following for Don's adventure.

Creative Thinking, Inc.   317 844-8189
  160 W Carmel Dr Carmel IN, 46032 #EZ.56701 Exp 04-05
    Website Link:
    Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:   Ref:   dmn:marilynmonroe  
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