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Jerk Drivers
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Jerk Drivers
Can you write something that will fundamentally change how I see the world?

By: Caitlin Ng, studies Psychology at University of California, Riverside (2019)

A woman runs on 4 hours of sleep. She is frazzled and exhausted, having spent the night babysitting the children of a neighbor away on an emergency visit to the hospital, along with her own son Brayden, who is sick with a cold.

In the morning the neighbors return to collect their kids and the woman has to get ready for work. She puts the unusually quiet Brayden in his car seat positioned behind the driver, next to the stack of moving boxes overflowing from the trunk, which she’s temporarily storing for a friend. Her husband joins her in the front, their second car at the shop with a dented fender.

She drives her husband to work first. Along the way she is bombarded with phone calls: her brother asks her opinion on what to do with his drug addicted daughter and her boss notifies her of a developing crisis at work before she’s even clocked in. She is already irritated from the lack of sleep and in no mood to worry about other people’s problems. Once she arrives at work, she silences her phone, shoves it to the bottom of her purse, and goes inside.

It isn’t until before lunch that the woman finally checks her phone, finding several missed calls from Brayden’s babysitter. She calls back.

“Where’s Brayden?” the babysitter asks.

“Isn’t he with you?” the woman responds.

“You never dropped him off.”

In the mad dash to her car, the woman realizes how the pieces have fallen into place: Her exhaustion thinned her patience. Brayden’s cold made him quiet in the car. The moving boxes forced her to push his car seat behind her, so she was unable to see him. Taking her husband to work threw off her normal route. The phone calls distracted her from dropping off Brayden. Turning her phone on silent kept the babysitter from contacting her earlier.

The woman runs out to the parking lot. She sees Brayden still in the backseat. But he is limp and lifeless, and she is too late.

Many times, when we hear non-criminal instances of this happening, we immediately think: How could anyone make a mistake like that? What an irresponsible parent. That would never happen to me.

We think these things because we struggle to understand that the world is imperfect, that there is not always a reason to every tragedy, and that following the rules does not automatically mean you are free of trouble.

Those parents can’t be like you and me, because we would never let anything so terrible happen. We think of them as monsters, because if they aren’t, it means the same thing could happen to us.

Natalie Forester
It absolutely CAN happen to anyone. My usually-overprotective mother managed to lock her keys in the car with me when I was a baby. Fortunately, she realized what she’d done five minutes later, AAA was there in another ten, and I slept through the whole thing, but it could easily have been a lot worse.

Debra A. Brown
Yep, same thing happened to my sister with her younger son. Same outcome, thankfully.

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Jerk Drivers
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Jerk Drivers
Is it illegal to take a picture of a person's license plate and then post it online?

Marc Whinery, I may have read a law before.

Answered Mon Sep 4
A picture of GKW610 on your instagram will be 100% legal.

“The owner of GKW610 is a jerk who cut me off” is 90% legal.

“GKW610 is evil and if I see him again, I’m going to kill him” is 0–10% legal.

But the idea of taking photos of “interesting” license plates, without editorial on them or the driver, when taken from a public viewpoint, should be 100% legal.

Editor's note: this does not constitute legal advice, it's simply a response to a Quora question

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