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Jerk Drivers
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Jerk Drivers
Is it illegal to take a picture of a person's license plate and then post it online?

Marc Whinery, I may have read a law before.

Answered Mon Sep 4
A picture of GKW610 on your instagram will be 100% legal.

“The owner of GKW610 is a jerk who cut me off” is 90% legal.

“GKW610 is evil and if I see him again, I’m going to kill him” is 0–10% legal.

But the idea of taking photos of “interesting” license plates, without editorial on them or the driver, when taken from a public viewpoint, should be 100% legal.

Editor's note: this does not constitute legal advice, it's simply a response to a Quora question

  #EZ.91 Exp 12-31
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