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Stories, favorites and great
Candidate for greatest sports story this year - what's possible

Baldwin said before, during and after the game all of the students and fans "demonstrated perfect sportsmanship and acted in a perfect manner." He said after handing out the post-game awards, he bagan to clean up the field.

"A few Glastonbury players came up to me and asked can we help you and as I turned around the Glastonbury student athletes were picking up the sidelines on the field. I could not believe that after 120 minutes of playing a state championship game these student athletes took the time to help me," he wrote.

Baldwin then went up to the press box and saw about 25 student fans helping clean the stands along with Glastonbury athletic director Trish Witkin.

"Hosting a State final is a lot of work," he wrote, "but was made much easier with the great support and organization of your support staff who attended the game led by your athletic director... please thank them for their outstanding sportsmanship and being great community contributors and helping after playing in a dou- ble overtime game, and also your administration, parents and students fans who conducted themselves perfectly and for going above and beyond after the game."

Baldwin said he will be nominating the soccer team for the CIAC Sportsmanship Award this year.

"All those from Glastonbury where champions that day," he wrote.

Glastonbury High Boys Soccer Team  
  #EZ.31252 Exp 02-27
    Website Link:
    Owner:   Nixon II, Don M.  
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