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Friendship list: Charter Club of Marco Beach Resort
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Friendship list: Charter Club of Marco Beach Resort
A sample: For rent: week #39 (unit available for rent, owner's listing)
Price: $1,670.00 / per week

This sample listing above contains normal information about a unit (week #39) which is currently for rent at Eagles Nest. Any actual listing for a unit at Charter Club of Marco would be so listed and the unit and week identified.

The price listed ($1,670) is close to the published rental price Hilton charges. Each owner sets the price for the unit in their listing.

Suggested Guideline when you get a response:
Down payment: half the rental amount paid when you make the agreement, balance due Jan 1.

I don't remember ever signing an agreement as the person renting the unit from another owner or as the unit owner. Although, I have confirmed details in an e-mail, which I have sometimes initiated. Other times the other person initiated it but I kept copies.

The owner should advise the front desk people at Charter Club the person's name renting the unit, usually around Jan 1st. Then be sure to confirm two weeks prior to the rented week.

Here's what I sent in a previous year:
To: Office Manager  -  (if you know who usually takes care of the rentals, use that person's name. There also may be a "Guest Authorization form you need to complete.)

"Please advise proper channels (renter's name) will be using my week #39, Tower unit #205 for 2018.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

I would appreciate if you would acknowledge receipt of this instruction. Thank you."

I make the assumption any owner on either end of the transaction has some idea of the process and is most likely to be reliable. I have not heard of any problems. Suspect much of that may just be good luck.

Or, for additional expense, you can go through a legal procedure and have a formal contract.

Note: The telephone contact number below which follows "Charter Club of Marco" (317844-8189) is the owner's contact, not the property: Charter Club of Marco

Charter Club of Marco   317 844-8189
  Marco Island FL, 34145 #RAWKLU.21500 Exp 12-31
    Don Nixon   Ref:   dmn:marilynmonroe  
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