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Education: seminars, training, tutors, vocational schools
As a teacher, what is a telltale sign a student has a bad home life?

By: Bill Combs, B.A. English Literature & Education, Knox College (1969)

As a sixth-grade teacher in the seventies in a small mid-western town, the district provided free lunches during the school year to students in need. A young lady in my classroom after Summer vacation was lethargic, had unkempt clothing, and body order reflective of poor hygiene. After some two weeks of receiving free lunches, her lethargy disappeared, and she demonstrated an above-average capacity for learning. The dress and odor remained, and a home visit yielded information that demonstrated a family in desperate financial straits, with the home largely in disarray and without indoor bathroom facilities. Managed to get the family additional government assistance, but lost track of the family when the young lady moved on to “junior high school.”

Years later, as a member of a federal Dropout Prevention team based in Denver. As part of our duties, we identified high school students who seemed to be struggling with school attendance, and sought out visits to their residences to determine the cause. Two students stand out. One was tracked to a local motel, where his family had established residence. The parents were employed as over-the-road truck drivers, and were rarely in town. The student was left to his own devices, and without transportation needs to get to school. The team assisted in meeting his transportation and nutrition needs, and he was able to remain in school during my tenure on the team. The other was difficult to find, but eventually located working part-time at a local business for a few days each week. His parents were not employed full-time, and the family needed the extra income. Although the team managed to obtain some financial assistance for the family, that student eventually dropped out.

At the end of the the funding for that program, nationwide teams prepared findings on the results of their dropout prevention efforts. The top two causes for dropouts were identified as: 1) economics; and 2) a teacher. The latter cause meant that ONE teacher succeeded in so alienating the student that the student found it intolerable.

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Education: seminars, training, tutors, vocational schools
You can help restore a love of liberty in America

“Many Americans complain about the loss of freedom in our country today, but Hillsdale College is actually doing something about it. Hillsdale College is the finest educational institution in the nation.”
— Mark Levin

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