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WEDJ 107.1 FM -- EZ Classified Advertizing™ (free, or flat fee Internet classified advertising listings, guaranteed)
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The custom classified advertising system on WEDJ is published/posted each week day, except, principal holidays and from the day before Christmas Eve until Monday of the week following New Year's Day. All advertising is subject to the Classified Advertising Manager's approval.

Contact information
Company   WEDJ 107.1FM & EZ Classified Advertising™ (free, flat fee classified ads, guaranteed)
Phone Number(s)   317/924-1071 Fax: 924-7766
Address   1800 N Meridian St #605
Indianapolis, IN 46202USA
EZ Classified Advertising
Willard Rohrer         ....Classified Advertising Manager, 317/844-8189

Jontry, Jerry            ...National Advertising Manager
Tomey, Kellie        ....Classified Advertising Sales
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