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Morning ritual

The Tibetans have a beautiful ritual that you might try in your own home.

In the morning, first thing after rising, take a bowl and slowly fill it with water.

As you fill the bowl, reflect on the particulars of your life: the people with whom you share your time, your state of health, whatever problems you face, what skills and strengths you have, your disappointments and successes, your worries, your personal gifts.

As the bowl fills with water, receive all of those things as gifts from life and accept them unconditionally as your portion.

Fill the bowl to the brim.

Then, carefully so as not to spill a drop, set the bowl in a special place for the rest of the day...a place where you will see it often. Let the water in the bowl serve as a reminder of everything that life has given you.

At the end of the day, just before retiring for the night, empty the bowl slowly and turn it upside down. Let the pouring out of the water be your prayer of thanksgiving for the gift of the day just ending.

Emptying the bowl is an act of letting go, of waiting in hope until the morning light to receive once again all that life holds for you.

~ Rachel Anomie Remen  
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