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US Open Sailing Championships ® an opportunity to learn and compete
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US Open Sailing Championships ® is a custom data base system display/posting site of EZ Classified Advertizing™ (a Nixon Newspaper affiliate) which is published/posted each week day, except, principal holidays. All listings are subject to the Classified Advertising Manager's approval and all content submitted becomes its intellectual property.
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We welcome items of interest to all sailing activities. Published, posted listings should be current. Please report any listings which are no longer current or are inaccurate.

Official events host facility: Collier County Florida Parks and Recreation
4284 Avalon Drive, Naples, FL 34112 / 239-252-4414

Contact information
Company   US Open Sailing Championships ® at Sugden Regional Park
Phone Number(s)   239/252-4414
Address   4284 Avalon Drive
Naples, FL 34112USA
EZ Classified Advertising
Willard Rohrer   ...... Classified Advertising Manager, 317/844-8189

Jontry, Jerry   ........... National Advertising Manager
Nixon, Don  .............. Publisher - proofreader, 317/399-5131

US Open Sailing Championships ®
Rosen, Patricia
Watkins, Jerry
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