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One Match Tournament™ is a custom data base system display/posting site of EZ Classified Advertizing™ (a Nixon Newspaper affiliate) which is published/posted each week day, except, principal holidays. All listings are subject to the Classified Advertising Manager's approval and all content submitted becomes its intellectual property.
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We welcome items of interest to all players in activities. Published, posted listings should be current. Please report any listings which are no longer current or are inaccurate.

A life long passion for competitive activities resulted in this design. A fair ranking of skill for all activities which requires little guessing but doesn't completely eliminate sandbagging. Basically it works like a challenge ladder and with some contest it may require a limitation which allows a higher ranking player to decline an official challenge match result posted but a match played.

To work properly, timely reporting match results are required and financial penalties may be used to assure compliance. Current ranking will be posted daily. Reported results will be forwarded by the daily deadline which is 10pm EST.

The only required match report: the challenger (lower ranked player) will report the match result only if lower ranked. In that event, the higher ranked player or team will move down one spot and the winner will replace that position. As days go by and players to not participate, the ranking order will likely decline. To regain a higher position, that player or team will have to win a match with a player or team higher ranked. (Would pertain to long vacations or moving to a new venue)

Publisher's note:
This site is under construction so there is some ancient content not updated. If you find something that doesn't seem to make sense, or is just plain incorrect, please let us know. We are getting better fixing things.

Virtually all following is not longer applicable or updated. As soon as possible this 80 year old will try to remember to update the details.

Official indoor events host facility:
French Lick Resort  a non-smoking hotel
      8670 Indiana 56, French Lick, IN 47432
      (888) 936-9360

Established in 1845, with the original east wing built in 1901, French Lick Springs Hotel seamlessly blends its fascinating history and modern amenities and services. With family-friendly activities and facilities, it is an ideal destination for special occasion celebrations. Whether it’s golf, spa, horseback riding, pickleball, swimming, tennis or shopping, this classic American hotel has something everyone can enjoy.

ATM                                                                 Activity center with rental equipment available
Business center                                                 24 hour fitness center
Casual and fine dining options                             Kids activities (KidsFest)
Complimentary Concierge services                       Historic tours
Express check-out                                              Playground
Formal Gardens                                                 Riding stables
Gift shops                                                         Heated indoor/outdoor pools and hot tub
Ice & vending machines                                     Walking & jogging trails
443 guest rooms and suites
Complimentary high-speed WiFi and wired internet
Safety deposit boxes
Pet friendly (advance notice required)
Postal & package service
Complimentary truck, bus & RV parking               Complimentary shuttle service to resort venues
Complimentary valet or self parking                     Complimentary luggage and golf club storage
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US Open Indoor Championships®
Gore, Robert  ...........  Events, Promotions,
Lawler, Rex  .............  Tournament Director: {See categories}
Stinnett:, Deli   ..........  Events, Promotions

US Open Sailing Championships®
Gore, Robert  ...........  Events, Promotions,
Lawler, Rex  .............  Tournament Director: {Sailing}
Stinnett:, Deli   ..........  Events, Promotions
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