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Homeland security

One need only grasp the need for a front door with a lock on it, to comprehend need for a secure border. If Nancy Pelosi has a secure home, she understands the need for a secure country. Any words to the contrary are baloney.

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Neighborhood page: associations, news
What is the scariest event in your life that you are able to talk about?

By: Louise Barr, Big family, lots of vicarious and personal experience

We had a handyman, John, in our neighborhood who did some work for me. We were fairly friendly, so I stopped to say hello once and saw he had a new helper. “Richard”, an older guy who lived just down the street,was polite, but showed a special interest in my 12 yr. old special-needs son. Now my son was quite “pretty” at that point and people had often stopped me to say that he should be a child model. So the first time this guy stared at my son, I tried to tell myself it was just more of the same stuff.

But something a neighbor had mentioned made me look up Richard. I found that he was a registered sex offender for raping a child with a foreign object. From then on, I gave Richard hard looks and refused to acknowledge him. He still reached out to us, but I wanted it clear that I was aware and that he had better leave my child alone.

There are no children in this neighborhood, but I did warn people whose grandkids visited that there were some decidedly unsavory people in the area. I didn’t get to speak to John alone, so I wasn’t sure if he knew about Richard. And my son is never without me or a trusted caregiver and never goes outside alone.

A year later, I was on the phone for 10–15 minutes. When I went to the kitchen, I found the door wide open . . . and my son gone. I did a quick, frantic search, then called the police. They also hunted, then put out a watch for him. I brought up Richard but they said they couldn’t search his house without a warrant. I said I would, and charged over there. I started shouting my son’s name, which brought Richard’s roommate to the door. I ran in, shouting for my son and Richard. The roommate called to Richard to open his door. It took him a moment to unlock it; I scanned the room and saw a tarp covering something in the corner. My heart in my throat, I shoved past Richard to uncover it. Thank God it was not my son!

I rushed home to the police, where I spent an agonizing 2 hours or so until we got a call from the police in the next town. My son had walked 2 blocks, stepped onto a bus (with no money or idea how it worked) and the driver had simply allowed it. When they got to the next town, the bus driver finally kicked him out. My son went up to a food truck and was told he had to have money to buy anything. As he didn’t have any, my son concluded that he was now homeless and all was lost. He lay down on the grass beside the sidewalk “to die.”

Luckily, a kind woman asked if he was OK. He answered “I’m not doing very well, thank you.” She called 911 and when the police arrived, he gave them our telephone number. I was never so relieved in my life as when I got that call!

The law doesn’t let me lock him in the house. The fear is that if I die or have a heart attack (not so far-fetched!) he won’t be able to get out, even in case of fire. I’ve tried to impress upon him the dangers of going out alone, but he slipped out once more while I was in the shower. I’ve solved that problem by confiscating and hiding his shoes and pants the minute we enter the house. We live in a warm climate, so a shirt and underpants are fine, but he will not go outside like that - except once. But that’s another story!

NOTE: I’m closing this post to comments, as I’ve received some that I find rather offensive. I responded to the above question and did not ask for people’s approval or disapproval. Read all the comments already here if you have any questions about my subsequent actions.

The author has disabled additional comments for this answer.

Janet Van Dijk
Oh, my heart goes out to you. The story about Richard is scary—all parents worry about that—but your poor little guy lying on the grass to die. That must just break your heart—it does mine, and I don’t even know him!

Louise Barr
Thank you for your kind and understanding words!

Lizabeth Healy
Wow. Just wow. Glad all worked out.

Just wondering if there is a phone app that could notify you when a door is opened.
Cannot add reply.

Louise Barr
I don’t carry my phone with me except in my purse. But I’ve installed the kind of alarms they have on shop doors, so they beep if a door is opened.

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