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As of Sep 14, 2009, WKLU was sold and its new format has been implemented. All contacts for EZ Classified Advertizing™ (a Nixon Newspaper affiliate) remain the same, but Oldies 101.9 FM / WKLU FM are no longer accurate.

Published, posted listings should be current. Please report any listings which are no longer current or are inaccurate.

Each listing is subject to the Classified Advertising Manager's approval.

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Contact information
Company   EZ Classified Advertizing™ (a Nixon Newspaper affiliate)
Phone Number(s)   317/844-8189
Address   Mail: PO Box 341 Carmel IN 46082
160 W Carmel Dr #282
Carmel, IN 46032
EZ Classified Advertizing™  -- free or flat fee listings, monitored results
Willard Rohrer*   ......  Classified Advertising Manager,   317/844-8189

Friendship lists for owners at:
Charter Club of Marco Beach Resort
Club Regency of Marco Island Resort
Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort
Madeira Marco
Marco Beach Ocean Resort
Surf Club Resort at Marco Island

US Open Challenge®
US Open Indoor Championships®
US Open Sailing Championships®
To be announced

Customer lists:
Val's Shoe Repair, Naples FL

Jontry*, Jerry   ...   National Advertising Manager                
Nixon, Don  .......   Editor, Publisher, Proofreader, Chief Cheerleader
    at 317/777-4389
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