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Sep 14, 2009, WKLU was sold and the new format has been implemented to make pickleball information is the significant purpose. All contacts for EZ Classified Advertizing™ (a Nixon Newspaper affiliate) remain the same, but Oldies 101.9 FM / WKLU FM are no longer current. (Sorry I am 80 years old, suffering from memory issues but convinced the information will be helpful to enjoy pickleball and all the resulting happiness for enjoying the gender and age neutral activity, with a fair competitive opportunity to improve your own playing.

Comments are welcome, however, at this very moment it is a one man band and not reliable to remember what to do next. If you have any interest to help, there are many things you will find interesting and helpful and maybe a way to compensate for the endeavor. Please contact.

Published, posted listings should be current. Please report any listing which is no longer current, inaccurate or not in a proper category.

This database is now designed to display the current listings for the Pickleball Gazette, Eagles Nest Friendship List, and One Match Touranment™ activities. Specific items for your neighborhood within a certain zip code may be included. To post a listing, follow the instructions at this url: (Suggest you copy and paste)

If that doesn't make sense and you need help, simply provide details and we will set it up for you,

Each listing is subject to the Classified Advertising Manager's approval. We hope different content design will not be confusing but writing new code was not easy. So it may have some quirks. But it's still free.

Click the button to submit your free listing. After you preview your listing, the submit button no longer works properly. Simply copy the listing and e-mail it to us. We will make it conform to be sorted correctly in the appropriate category.

Previously the listings were directed to reach and search engines would list it a the top but after it has been hacked I haven't determined if that is still the case. Search for current listing posted items at "" and click on the "Time Share Exchange" category for current Eagles Nest Friendship listings.

This url was modified without permission and may not be as designed. If you notice a problem it would help us to know the problem you discover.

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Contact information
Company   EZ Classified Advertizing™ (a Nixon Newspaper affiliate)
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Willard Rohrer*   ......  Classified Advertising Manager,   317/844-8189

Friendship lists for owners at:
Charter Club of Marco Beach Resort
Club Regency of Marco Island Resort
Eagle's Nest Beach - Five Star Resort
Madeira Marco
Marco Beach Ocean Resort
Surf Club Resort at Marco Island

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Val's Shoe Repair, Naples FL

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