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If you would like to submit a free listing, please fill in the following information. Information you provide becomes our intellectual property but will not be used for any other purpose what so ever. Before you submit free listing information, please preview (the button is at the bottom of the page on the left) and make sure the links work and all information is correct. Please look at the first listing in the category you have selected and follow the style used.

Your free listing will be reviewed and if accepted, it will be posted for 10 days at

Title *       The title field is searchable, so it is important for first words to include the label in the category so like items will be sorted together. More details to describe your listing are in fields following.
Category *     Select from pull down menu.
Your Name, Event or Business   Use your name, or business name, or event name to identify what/who you are so a prospect knows who they will contact.

Address (physical location)   Event's venue, location of item(s) for sale or rent. If you're a landlord, use rental unit's address so prospects can go see it.

Display Address?   If you don't want your physical address to display in your ad, switch this pulldown to ''no''

City & State   City and USPS two letter state abbreviation, so Culver, Indiana, is Culver IN or Lincoln, Nebraska, is Lincoln NE

Zip Code   Use your five digit zip code.

Area Code   Area code for your daytime telephone number.

Telephone   Provide a daytime telephone for prospects to call to get more information or make you an offer for a quick sale.

Contact   Name of person to contact for details.

Display Name?   If you don't want the contact name to display in your ad, switch this pulldown to ''no''.

E-mail address *  Direct link for your prospect to you for questions. If you do not want your e-mail posted, change pulldown to ''no'' but you make it difficult for an interested prospect to easily get more details from you. Required: valid address.

Display Email Address?   If you don't want your e-mail address to display in your lisitng, switch this pulldown to ''no'' but remember you are not likely to get as much response to your ad and you discourage questions or clarification. We will only use it to send you our notices.

Website/link   Link with a click to your web page so your prospect may get more details. Make sure to preview your ad to make sure this link works.

Free Item?   If this item is free, please change pull down menu to ''yes'' because there is a specific search for free items.

Item Price   Item price is your asking price or retail price. Use the next field for price information to describe price attributes like monthly fees or details as firm, best offer, or negotiable. Always list an asking price. Don't use commas when entering price numbers but do use decimal.

Price information: pricing details.   Price information (or descriptions) may clarify a recurring monthly fee (like rent) or price for single item. Other descriptions can help prospects understand what you want to sell your item for.

Description of your item: model, year, color, size, etc   Use item descriptors in this order (model, year, color, size) so items alike are grouped together and it's easier for your prospect to compare items. Skip details already in the title.


After you have completed the content field above, (click) the preview button to see what your listing will look like. Double check all your information and test the links for e-mail and website/link. If a link does not work, go back to this screen to make changes. (Click) the preview button again to see the changes you have made. When your listing is finished, click the Submit button to send it. When you click that button you agree to accept our terms to post information.

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