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US Open Sailing Championships ® an opportunity to learn and compete
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Alan Meininghaus
Director of Operations & Rowing Services
© 2019 Boatworks, LLC

Boatworks, LLC  
  4371 Pearl Road Cleveland OH, 44109 #RAWMRI.18225 Exp 09-26
    Website Link:
    Sam Patterson - Director of Sales & Sailing Services   Email:   Ref:   dmn:marilynmonroe  
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US Open Projects: history - 1954

Indiana High School Basketball - glory days single class boys tournament

Career beginning: providing sectional scores for the Peru Daily Tribune: 1954
Miami County - Bunker Hill, Chili, Converse, Deedsville, Mexico, Twelve Mile

Even the smallest schools had a place in the event and a chance to win it all. First step were the sectionals, which fed into the regionals, the semi-state, state finals (final four)

I always wondered why there was so much enthusiasm for local teams, particularly those with no chance to advance. Losing so often would be a significant discouragement but that wasn’t the way it worked. Although every round, half the participants were losers, also the same number were winners and winners at the lowest level were proud to have a notch on their belt and the losers would look forward to trying to figure out how to get on that same page.

So there was significant motivation to be hopeful for this year and next and try to figure out how to be better as a team, with all the surrounding efforts.

In that decade, high school football and basketball dominated small and big Indiana towns because there was live local radio broadcasting the events, and many fans were faithful going to home games each Friday night. Players were always interested in who had their picture in the "paper" and usually weekend shopping was done on Saturday since many stores were not open Sundays.

Creative Thinking, Inc.   317 844-8189
  160 W Carmel Dr Carmel IN , 46032 #RAWMRI.18685 Exp 09-26
    Website Link:
    Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:   Ref:   dmn:marilynmonroe  
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