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Stories, favorites and great
The boy can't help the butterfly

      Walking in the woods one day, a boy finds a monarch butterfly's cocoon.
      For several hours, he watches the butterfly struggle to force its way through the tiny hole in the cocoon's casing.
      Then it seemed to stop making progress. The would-be butterfly seemed to be stuck.
      The boy is concerned the butterfly is in trouble, so he takes out a small knife he has in his pocket and carefully cuts away the rest of the cocoon.
      The butterfly emerges easily - but its body is swollen and small. Its wings are all shriveled.
      The boy expects at any moment the wings will begin to enlarge and expand, and the butterfly will take flight.
       But it never happens.

       The boy does not understand the butterfly's struggle through the restricted cocoon forces fluid from its body into the wings, giving the wings stability and strength so the butterfly is ready to fly once it works its way through the cocoon.
       The boy does not understand the butterfly's freedom and flight are only possible after its struggle and hardship.

  #EZ.32884 Exp 02-18
    Ref:   Tom Jackson letter  
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