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Stories, favorites and great
Don Schula, Miami Dolphins coach

After entering the hospital and taking the elevator to the proper floor, NFL coach Don Shula walked down the hallway and entered a numbered room. He moved toward the bandaged figure on the bed.

The patient recognized him, smiled as best he could, and raised an arm from which several tubes dangled.

"Thanks for coming, coach."

"How you doing?" Shula inquired.

"Oh, okay," replied the bedridden man but his mournful look told a much different story.

After a long pause as both eyed each other, Shula leaned in, prominent jaw jutting close to the patient's face. "Listen, Mike, I need you in training camp in July, on the field, ready to go. We're going all the way this year."

After recovering from bone cancer, Mike Westhoff, still the Miami Dolphins special-teams coach, said of Shula. "I thought he would tuck me in, but he didn't. He treated me the way I could be, not the way I was."

~Adapted from an article in Success magazine

Miami Dolphins  
  Miami FL #EZ.23259 Exp 09-26
    Ref:   Excerpted from Leadership Lessons - Leadership in Action  
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