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Apparel, accessories, sportswear
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Apparel, accessories, sportswear
From Kitch: US Open cap launched in 2016 at the US Open Pickleball Championships as a start up apparel brand in what was then the growing sport of pickleball.

Through key partnerships with other organizations within the sport, professional and amateur players we would grow the Kitch brand nationwide and help grow the sport of pickleball.

Today, we stand tall as a pioneering brand in the pickleball apparel industry, and have launched brand extensions to service many facets of the sport in different ways.

Our mission is to grow the sport of pickleball, one t-shirt at a time, and bring new and fresh eyes to the fastest growing sport on the planet.

Kitch Pickleball   848 225-7722
  5005 Belmar Blvd, Suite B6 Wall NJ, 07727 #RAWTRI.16201 Exp 07-15
    Website Link:
    Jonathan Clay   Email:   Ref:   dmn:marilyn monroe  
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