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Challenge Ladder
# Active player free registration form - complete your form below

Last name, then first name:  (Sample content: Nixon, Don )
Playing singles:                   (Sample content: S )
Playing doubles:                  (Sample content: MD if mens or WD if womens )
Playing mixed doubles:        (Sample content: XD )
Birth year:                          (Sample content: 1942 )
Telephone contact:             (Sample content: 317 844-8189 )
E-mail contact:                   (Sample content: )

Sample registration form to submit:

      Nixon, Don  S MD XD 1942 / 317 844-8189 /

Submit your free registration form following, copy and e-mail to address below (

Your name, last name first, then first name  -  S  MD or WD  XD  -  birth year   - telephone contact  -  e-mail  

Courtesy fees:
$29.95 Reinstatement for cause first time (not showing up for scheduled match, late to match more than 5 times, reported unsportsmanlike language or behavior)
$  9.95 Modify or change registration form submitted. No charge for updated changes
$  9.95 Late challenge match report (ladder order change)
$  5.95 Challenge match for prize money, plus prize amount
$ 0.00 up to $10 loser pays court fees when charged and if higher than $10, balance is split
$ 0.00 Lower ranked player/team provides balls

One Match Tournamentâ„¢   317 844-8189
  160 W Carmel Dr Carmel IN, 46082 #RAWTRI.16106 Exp 12-31
    Don Nixon, Chief Cheerleader, Editor & Publisher, Proofreader   Email:   Ref:   dmn:marilynmonroe  
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