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Active team list/directory/id number
A Guide to find team and team members

Each team has a unique team ID# which in this example is "#RAWTRI.16113" and includes the two players ID# in the order that determines the category. To find the specific team members, simply search for their ID# and you will get all the teams they play on and their active player information.

The two players on this MD team (mens doubles) are:
Don Nixon (Player ID# is  #RAWTRI.15621) and
Ryan Reader (Player ID# is  #RAWTRI.161204)

Nixon's birth year is 1942 which identifies the age category this team will play in

The court ranked location is: East Naples Community Park  

If you go to the "Brand, subject, title:" box under the "Quick Search" and enter "#RAWTRI.15621" all of the activity Nixon is in will be displayed.

East Naples Community Park  
  Naples FL #RAWTRI.16113 Exp 12-31
    Owner:   Nixon II, Don M. - Editor  
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